Monday, November 2, 2009

DirChex Help

Hey everyone,

DirChex is done!!! Get it here. That being said I would like to post up a little help guide here. This tool is used to take a URL list and run it through an intercepting proxy in a very quick automated way. The benefits for this is no more manually having to enter each line you wanted to request every time. Now all you have to do is make a list of the URL's once, and the rest is why we love DirChex. (also helps if your intercepting proxy does not allow you to save your spidered URL's)

Now when making your input file to request you want to make sure that every URL is separated by line. By that I mean don't put more than one URL on one line. Remember to make sure that word wrap is off so that a decent sized url wont get thrown to another line. Also the preferred AND tested utilities used where notepad++, notepad, and SciTE. As long as it is saved as a .txt though you SHOULD be fine. Now when you got it all set it should look similar to this.

Now you have a nice neat input file to run DirChex with, alright great.

So its time to start up your proxy, and of course DirChex. My recommendation is to start up your proxy first because if you just start filling in all of your preferences then you might end up forgetting to start your proxy and get Chex happy ;)

Once you are all set up simple follow the guidelines of the program. It is pretty self explanatory as far as what to input and where to input it, but just in case your wondering I made a cheat sheet for everyone.

Now that we have covered all the prep work you want to see it run right? Well, your in luck. Like all WxRuby applications this program starts up with a handy little console window. The benefit of this is simple. It acts like a logger so you can see the program running its magic. So hit "Chex it!" then kick back put your hands over behind your head and watch the show till its over.

Now I am assuming that of course someone might have more questions regarding this. If so feel free to contact me or cktricky, the easiest way to contact me is a my direct email ( for the quickest response that is.

Happy Hacking!!! ;)

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